What is a Travel Coach?

A travel coach is not necessarily a new category, most people think of them as the modern-day version of a travel agent, yet with more focus on your goals and mindset. In short, travel coaches use a more holistic approach to travel planning, sitting at the intersection of advisory and personal coaching.

The average age of travelers is trending younger and these travelers are dealing with new questions like the infamous 'Quarter Life Crisis' and Smaller mini retirements and so forth. These are facing some of life's most important questions. We also see that people are budgeting of their income for personal growth with a growing area in immersive and experiential travel experiences.

1. Goal assessment - take time for self reflection to determine your unique and personal goals.

2. Flexibility - determine the amount of time and resources you have to allocate to travel and what would need to be true to get to where you want to be.

3. Ideal state - time to explore and consider the next 12-18 months of travel.

4. Alternative Ideas - if you cant commit to a travel schedule right now, let's talk your next trip and what we can do to help!

5. Explore - now it is time for fun, go out and explore the world!

Typically we can complete this task within 72 hours. If there are unique circumstances and you would like additional support we can build a custom quote for you that goes above and beyond our introductory package.

Once you purchase a task, the Stacks team will assign you an expert to walk you through to the finish line. We will email you within 24 hours for next steps that we can complete via email, text, or phone call based on your preferences then will deliver the final product directly to you!

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