Bardstown Road

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

With our   →app release←   just around the corner, our team wanted to


and what better way than to connect with our roots and party with our local Louisville population?

Dancing GIF

We prepared for weeks gathering excitement, plans, and volunteers. We also wanted to hand out some Stacks Mobile ∗swag∗ because everyone loves free stuff, but what do we give out?

Emoji GIF

Do people want…
  • Sunglasses?

(We had high hopes in the cold weather)


  • Phone wallets?

(For all their STACKS of money??)


  • A puppy?

(Sorry, we had a $budget$)

Sad Pug


In the end, we decided on branded beads, koozies, and of course, t-shirts! Then, just for laughs, we splurged on some emoji beach balls because c’mon, it’s not a party without them.

We couldn’t have been LUCKIER on Saturday, March 10th with the gorgeous weather and awesome turnout!

With around 100,000 people in attendence, we definitely got the Stack Mobile name out there. The day was filled with music, marching, and mad fun! 😁😁

Stacks Mobile believes in making everything in life fun, even saving, and we wanted to remind everyone of that. When will our next party occur?

Stay tuned…

Bardstown Road St. Patrick's Day Parade

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