7 Ways to Save 100's Before Summer

Saving money can be hard —These make it easy.

1. Price Match With Amazon

7 Ways to Save 100's Before Summer

Saving money can be hard —These make it easy.

1. Price Match With Amazon


Ever bought an item only to find out that it's cheaper on Amazon? Don't worry! Many stores such as Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more will match Amazon's prices if you show them proof!  See a list of stores here.

Hint: Many Bestselling Electronics are cheaper on Amazon. Show stores these prices!

2. Traveling? Compare Flights.


Never overpay for a flight again! Use Sky Scanner to compare airline prices for destinations and browse their suggested low cost trips for you. You can even receive alerts when the price for a flight you're tracking drops. Who doesn't love a good sale?

3. Automate Your Savings


We couldn't write about saving money without including Stacks: Save Better! All you have to do is link your bank account, make a goal, and the app will automatically save small amounts a week towards your goal! Mindless saving, what more could you ask?

4. Sell Old Clothes, Shoes, etc.


Many apps such as Poshmark, Mercari, even Ebay are successful avenues to sell your old items! Each one has their own % fee taken out, whether they pay for shipping or not, etc., but you can make big bucks selling things you don't even use! Too much hassle? Send it in to ThreadUp,  and they will do all the selling for you! They will even recycle all your clothes that they don't want, so you're not stuck with them.

5. Shop Online the Smart Way!


It would be unrealistic to tell you to nix shopping online, so when you feel the itch coming on, use Honey to make sure you're getting the best prices! Download this browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout! 

6. Earn Discounts for Staying Off Your Phone.


Not only will less screen time lower your chances of buying something, it will reward you! Pocket Points is an app made specifically for students to keep them off their phones in class, while driving, etc. Earn points everyday and redeem them for discounts at stores like Athleta, Samsung, Barnes & Noble, and more!

7. Compare Gas Prices.


Gas isn't cheap, so make sure you're getting the best price. GasBuddy compares prices within a certain distance of you and shows you the cheapest options. Then, simply click on the map in the app, and it will direct you straight there!

Want to Save Even More?

Check out our affordable gift guide for quality presents that won't break the bank!