We may help you save money, but we are much more than a traditional savings account! Here are the differences:

  1. Save for multiple goals at once, unlike a saving’s account where you just have a big lump-sum of cash.
  2. Short-term. Saving’s account are typically for long-term goals, while we are more designed to help you save for goals within 1-3 years! Many small goals occur in this span of time, so we cater to that.
  3. Automatic payments. You can save for your goals weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and you can change these frequencies or amounts you want to save at any time.
  4. Group-saving. Save with friends for a group trip, present, event, etc.
  5. Others can contribute. If your parents or friends or even strangers want to support you and donate money towards your goals, they can!

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