After your money has been withdrawn from your bank account, it can take 2-3 business days (bank holidays and transfers initiated after 4pm EST will push this back 1 business day) for it to transfer to your Stack’s account! Have no fear, we’ve partnered with a payment provider who processes billions of dollars a year, so you’re money is safe and will get to you!

If you donated a one-time contribution, this process will only occur once. If you’ve set up weekly reoccurring contributions, this will happen weekly.

To cancel any further contributions (withdrawals from your bank account), first you must withdraw your funds within the Stack. This can be done by going into the Stack, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking Withdraw. Once your Stack balance is $0, you can go back into the Stack, click Edit in the top right corner, scroll down, and click Delete to cancel all further contributions and end the Stack. 

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