Stacks — it’s a simple word. It carries no fancy meaning like many other app names you may stumble upon. It doesn’t derive from some Latin word that we looked up in a dictionary, but that’s one of the reasons we like it.  Just in case you aren’t convinced by our name yet, allow us to share with you some of our favorite Stacks:

Soulja Boy’s Stacks

He wrote an epic song called “Stacks on Deck”. He thinks money is cool, so do we.

Big Mac Stacks

McDonald’s has invented one of the juiciest Stacks of all time. You guessed it, the Big Mac is a worldwide staple thanks to Ray Kroc. We only hope we can learn a thing or two from such a rad entrepreneur.

food drink mcdonalds GIF

Red Solo Cup Stacks

Not only is this a fantastic thing that you can drink your beverage of choice from, but you can Stack it too.  Now, that’s a cool party trick.

solo cup beer GIF by ADWEEK

Human Stacks

We’re throwing this one back to the time when everyone was obsessed with planking and now people are planking… on top of each other? Yes, we said it. This is for all of the yoga and fitness gurus out there.

Image result for yoga stacking gif

Bunk Bed Stacks

Remember the days when you had to share a room with a friend or sibling? There was probably a bunk bed involved and, of course, we’re mentioning those because they Stack pretty well… most of the time.

collapse fail GIF

Box Stacks

This one might bring back nightmares of your latest move but, thank goodness these Stack! Who doesn’t love putting boxes nice and tidy in the corner of a room, pretending they don’t even exist? Or for the more adventurous… carry them on your back on a busy street.

guy carrying GIF

Donald Stays Stackin’

While those six Stacks might bring back nostalgia, we’ve created a new place to Stack. *Drumroll please*… Stacks Mobile!!! If you haven’t figured it out by now, that’s our new app. Donald Duck is stoked about it, and we hope you will be too!

donald duck money GIF

Two high school friends got together one day out of frustration while planning and collecting money for a bachelor party.  They thought Stacks was a word that everyone could resonate with and so here we are – ready to launch in the App Store!  With Stacks Mobile, you are able to freely and safely chase your dream “Stack”.

We help you mindlessly transform your visions into reality and have created the tools that allow you to start a Stack with a group or by yourself to do any and everything you’ve always dreamed of. Check out a sneak peak of our app (Stacks Mobile) here because we know you’re dreaming about that winter escape to the beach. There’s a Stack for that.